apostolic radio

Diffuse the voice of the Holy Apostolic Father all over the world

Apostolic Radio is the web broadcasting channel of the Apostolic See, based in Our Lady of Katunayake's Shrine in Katunayake, Sri Lanka. It is a mean of communication created to serve His Holiness, The Apostolic Father Rohan Lalith Aponso's Pastoral Ministry. Apostolic Radio was established by Apostolic See Press Office Director Mr. Manoj Chinthaka and inaugurated by Holy Apostolic Father, His Holiness R. Lalith Aponso (Live broadcast of Christmas Mid Night Holy Mass) on December 24th 2008.

The main task of Apostolic Radio is to proclaim the Message of Jesus Christ & Blessed Virgin Mary truly & freely to all over the world by: diffusing the voice and teachings of the Holy Apostolic Father, informing about the activities of the Apostolic See, helping all people to evaluate heir day-to-day problems in the light of the Teachings of the Most Holy Apostolic Father.

Mr. Manoj Chinthaka is the Director General of Apostolic Radio.

Apostolic Radio broadcasts worldwide its programs by using latest web technology   www.apostolicradio.org


Apostolic Radio offers NEWS on the pastoral Ministry of His Holiness R. Lalith Aponso, Spiritual Teacher to the World Today, And also the activities of the Apostolic See and musical entertainment.

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Apostolic Radio issues stickers, pamphlets, posters, audio tapes and audio CDs.

Apostolic Radio transmits e-mail news letters free of charge all over the world which provides information on programs. Write to: info@apostolicradio.org